Mayo Clinic Platform_Deliver

Creates a better experience—for patients and providers

If you’ve given up on coordinated, connected, efficient patient care, don’t. Mayo Clinic Platform_Deliver makes this possible.

What is Mayo Clinic Platform_Deliver?

Mayo Clinic Platform_Deliver uses data curated from devices, wearables, and multiple data sources and sends insights and recommendations seamlessly to the point of care or the origin of the data.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Deliver makes data and AI insights actionable. It simplifies clinical and operational processes, gives providers access to critical clinical decision support tools, and offers patients the best opportunities for care.

The ability to make the AI insights actionable is game-changing technology that will directly improve patient care and reduce cost.

Implement algorithms within a workflow in an IP-protected manner

Optimize data, insights, and care recommendation visualization capabilities for patients and clinicians

Access curated libraries of provider and patient education (Patient Education, GIBLIB, Health Information, AskMayoExpert)

Access a library of Mayo Clinic algorithms

Why Mayo Clinic Platform_Deliver?

Mayo Clinic Platform_Deliver re-validates, normalizes, codifies, and maps data, then readies it to be transported to the point of care.

Deliver uses the latest interoperability standards, which means data and diagnostic signals can be transported from any source directly into a specified clinical workflow. These data help create customized care plans for improved patient treatment, provide access to robust research and library databases enhanced by Mayo Clinic’s expertise, and increase the ability to address gaps in care.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Deliver provides critical infrastructure and services to the rapidly growing space of remote diagnostics.

Together, let's change the future of health care.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Deliver is ideal for device manufacturers, algorithm developers, academic institutions, and health systems.