Resolves the Problem of Fragmented Health Care Data

Working with health care data from multiple sources and formats is expensive and slows down innovation. Now, Mayo Clinic Platform_Gather completely changes that.

How It Works

Mayo Clinic Platform_Gather solves one of today’s biggest challenges—the lack of interoperability between health care systems. Gather accepts data and diagnostic signals from various sources—wearables, EHRs, clinical systems, diagnostic devices, etc.—and integrates, harmonizes and stores the data so it can seamlessly be used to advance innovative solutions.

 Mayo Clinic Platform_Gather decreases time you would otherwise spend on aggregating and integrating data, improves quantity of ‘usable’ data that can be analyzed, and lowers data security and privacy risks.

The Technology

Mayo Clinic Platform_Gather provides a secure storage platform for raw data that can be leveraged in any format or form once extracted.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Gather not only sets the standard for efficiency and security, it also provides crucial technology and services infrastructure for health care innovators. Gather offers end-to-end capabilities that can collect data from disparate sources into a single unified platform where various structured and unstructured data types are de-identified, validated and normalized.

From medical devices manufacturers to clinical record vendors to telemetry companies, source data providers can multi-laterally leverage Mayo Clinic Platform_Gather.

Gather removes roadblocks that slow and even stop innovation of commercial clinical solutions that are urgently needed to care for patients.

Access data aggregated from disparate sources to create one common repository of data.

Ensure standardization and cohesiveness across data sets with normalized data.

Adhere to patient security and privacy with de-identified data.

Together, let's change the future of health care.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Gather is ideal for device manufactures, algorithm developers, academic institutions and health systems.

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