Working Together To Find Answers

Mayo Clinic Platform enables partners to develop and deploy innovative health care solutions using our advanced data and technical capabilities.

nference, a data analytics firm, provides analytic services to the biopharmaceutical industry.

nference is building an artificial-intelligence-powered engine that will identify targets and biomarkers for new drugs, match patients with therapeutic regimen, provide real-world data and real-world evidence applications, such as label expansion, post-marketing surveillance and drug purposing.

Anumana develops and commercializes algorithms for the early detection of disease. Anumana will develop and bring to market innovative digital sensor diagnostics by applying nference AI to Mayo Clinic's deep repository of medical data.

Anumana is currently focused on designing state-of-the-art neural network algorithms based on extensive heart health data including raw electrocardiogram (ECG) signals, to uncover biomedical knowledge and enable early detection heart disease.

Lucem Health collects, orchestrates and curates data from multiple remote devices and normalizes it so it can be used to create algorithms and new diagnostics tools.

Lucem provides the overall platform for connecting remote-telemetry devices with the algorithms and will be responsible for integrating AI-powered diagnostic innovations into clinical workflows.

K Health partners with Mayo Clinic Platform to improve and accelerate the deployment of virtual care models to improve patient-centric care. This partnership includes providing clinical decision support tools for patients and physicians. This relationship advances the current K acute model, but more substantially allows for the creation of numerous chronic and continuous care model products.

Medically Home partners with Mayo Clinic Platform to seamless combine technology, innovation, and clinical expertise to deliver high quality, complex care to patients—all from the comfort of home.

Safe Health Systems is enabled by Mayo Clinic Platform to develop solutions that improve access to efficient, affordable treatment for common medical conditions. Safe Health Systems will provide a suite of apps and services that support in-person activities for universities, employers and other organizations.