Dispatch from JP Morgan

Although I've been attending healthcare and technology conferences for more than 40 years (yes, I attended Comdex in 1979), but until this week had never attended the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.  The conference gathers 60,000 investors, innovators, and providers for four days to plan the next year’s path for healthcare and building relationships that will foster future innovation. I have extensive experience attending HIMSS , which has similar numbers, but only a small fraction actually attend the main the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.  

My Mayo colleagues and I presented formally in the non-profit track but the remainder of the meetings was dedicated to side conferences in numerous hotels, restaurants, galleries, and office towers.  I'm a practical traveler who walks to most meetings but there was no way to attend 40+ meetings in 30+ locations without help. I had an amazing driver who took me to a different meeting every 30 minutes, adeptly navigating a sea of activity.

Was it worthwhile? What it consistent with my role and mission?

Yes, it was one of the most productive conferences I've attended.

In one city in one sprint of activity, I was able to meet with strategic partners, collaborators, innovators, the press, and stakeholders. I was able to have discussions about complex, technological, challenging, and controversial ideas while reading the emotion of others in the room. I was able to create new friendships and rekindle old acquaintances.  

I've often said that digital health progress depends upon technology, policy and psychology. People ask how I think about contracts and legal agreements for partnerships and collaborations. Although 100+ page documents with appropriate protections are essential, my great hope is that trust and friendships are built so that contracts are signed and never referenced again. Events like JP Morgan are foundational to that kind of relationship building.

Press communications at such events are convenient and productive. If we're going to change the world of health, we need to broadly explain what we're doing, why we're doing it, and how we're putting patients first. All major press outlets are well represented at the conference and were able to talk. I was pleased by the press coverage of the Mayo presentations

Finally, JP Morgan enables internal teams to bond and as we divide up the stakeholder meetings, each using our skills and expertise to greatest effect. From 6am to midnight each day we did our best to move our innovation agenda forward.

I remain energized by the optimism of the conference.

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