Our vision

To create a healthier world where personalized, predictive, and innovative care is accessible to all.  

Our mission

To enable new knowledge, new solutions, and new technologies that improve patients' lives.

To accomplish our mission, Mayo Clinic Platform is partnering with providers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, health tech startups, patients, and payers to drive innovation around diagnosis, treatment, and operational improvement. 

Our values

Commit to being respectful—toward each other and toward our patients, partners, and customers.

Strive to do what is right, ethical, and honest and expect to be held accountable for what we say and do.

Create a supportive, caring, and kind environment where we listen with empathy and act without judgment.

Aspire to create a healthier world for all, in everything we do.

Believe in the power of working together. Our shared vision and collaboration make us one team.

Innovate with purpose with our colleagues and our partners. That purpose serves as our true north.

Seek exceptionalism in ourselves, our partners, and our collaborators. Together, we can change the world.

Drive the transformation of healthcare around the world by bringing together local and global communities.