Cohort 2 is now in progress.

Stay tuned for information about how to apply for Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate Cohort 3.

Helping Innovative Startups Get Market Ready

Mayo Clinic Platform firmly believes that health tech startups are key to sparking life-changing innovations, which is why we developed Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate—a 20-week program that helps early-stage health tech AI startups get market-ready.

We Invest in Companies to Drive Success

Each company will receive a $200,000-benefit package that includes access to Mayo's rich de-identified datasets, validation frameworks, clinical workflow planning, and mentorship. As part of this in-kind investment, Mayo Clinic Platform will take an equity position in your startup based on your most recent valuation or a convertible note or SAFE.

Who Can Apply

  • If you have an innovative AI model that is deployed or ready to be deployed and have a product-market fit, Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate is right for you.

How It Works

  • Apply to the Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate program with details about your company, your minimum viable product (MVP), progress, etc.
  • A panel of Mayo Clinic leaders with clinical and operational expertise, led by John Halamka, MD., President of Mayo Clinic Platform, will review your application.
  • If you are selected, you will be invited for an interview with the panel.
  • Finalists will be selected by the panel and notified thereafter.
  • Mayo Clinic Platform will send you the curriculum and details about the program.

What It Offers

Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate offers startups a disciplined focus on model evaluation and clinical readiness. With our program, you will: 

  • access rich, de-identified datasets to help you gain meaningful insights about your model.
  • benefit from Mayo Clinic Platform products and services that support model evaluation.
  • work with and get guidance from experts in regulatory, clinical, technology, and business domains.
  • explore opportunities for workflow integration and clinical collaboration for research trials, access thought leadership, peer-reviewed publications and more.
  • advance your go-to-market timelines.
  • receive a certificate upon completion of the program recognizing your accomplishments.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate is designed to help you establish greater credibility and give you a powerful advantage.

Are You a VC With Promising Portfolio Companies?

Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate might be just what your portfolio companies need to go from Minimally Viable Product to Most Valuable Product.

We’d love to connect and discuss details.


Download Mayo Clinic Accelerate Application and send to portfolio companies

Program Highlights

  • Gain key insights from world-class clinical and research leaders at Mayo Clinic
  • Walk away with a robust understanding of products that can deliver meaningful clinical use in care delivery
  • Participate in design sprints that will advance your knowledge of seamless product integration into clinical workflow
  • Attend in-person for the launch of the program, mid-point check-in, and for Demo Day/graduation week

Program Curriculum

Plan: Goal Setting

Develop key problem statements with Mayo Clinic Platform experts.

Review: Model Review

  • Distill down your model to delineate key model requirements with data science experts.
  • Check for fairness and bias in you AI models with Mayo Clinic Platform proprietary tools and frameworks.
  • Get a robust understanding of FDA Clearance pathways for AI as a medical device from Mayo Clinic’s regulatory team.

Access: Model Evaluation

  • Conduct model evaluation with guidance from data science experts.
  • Build analytic evaluation summaries using Mayo Clinic best practice.

Assess: Plan Clinical Integration

Enable you to design a clinical integration plan by providing best practices and educational sessions on:

  • Product design and User Experience
  • Regulatory Guidance for Software as a Medical Device
  • Best Practices for Model Integration in the EMR Clinical Workflow

Launch: Demo Day

  • Present program accomplishments to Mayo Clinic and their network partners:
    • Mayo Clinic Center for Digital Health
    • Provider partner networks
    • Investor institutions
    • Research

Market areas of interest

Early Cancer Risk, Detection & Prognosis

Hospital at Home

Clinical Trial Optimization

Digital Wellness

Medication Development

Early Disease Risk & Detection (non-Cancer)

Imaging AI

Digital Diagnostics

Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate is in session.

Four AI startups are participating in the inaugural cohort of Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate. Meet the companies and learn how they plan to transform care.