Mayo Clinic Platform_Deploy

The most efficient way to integrate AI into clinical workflow.

It’s no secret that deploying an AI model into clinical workflow is highly complex. AI solution developers are faced with lack of data standardization and interoperability in the U.S. healthcare system, high costs, and an elaborate implementation process, which is why an overwhelming number of solution developers are never able to go from model development to clinical deployment. Mayo Clinic Platform changes that with Mayo Clinic Platform_Deploy.

What is Mayo Clinic Platform_Deploy?

Deploy is designed to simplify and streamline the integration of AI solutions into clinical workflow with state-of-the-art infrastructure and skilled technical expertise. Deploy seamlessly integrates AI models into existing clinical workflows to improve patient care, diagnostic accuracy, and operational efficiency.

Why Mayo Clinic Platform_Deploy?

Deploy provides access to a technical and operational framework.
Deploy allows for rapid integration into clinical workflow with the necessary hardware and software required for AI model integration. With Mayo Clinic Platform, there’s a dedicated team of experts who will manage all the technical complexities.

Deploy facilitates faster bench-to-bedside innovation.
Mayo Clinic Platform offers a built-in distribution mechanism for AI models that enable innovators to go to market quickly. We have a growing network of 38 healthcare organizations around the country that are eager to adopt novel AI solutions to improve patient care and outcomes.

Together, let's change the future of healthcare.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Deploy is ideal for solution developers.