Mayo Clinic Care Network

Bringing the future of care to communities

Mayo Clinic Care Network has helped provide world-class care expertise to communities across the United States and beyond. The care network continues to reach millions of patients and support thousands of physicians.

See its impact on our communities.


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patients connected through the Mayo Clinic Care Network


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Data represents Mayo Clinic Care Network member organizations based in the United States as of January 2024.

Now the Mayo Clinic Care Network is doing more. As part of Mayo Clinic Platform, it is a pathway for health care innovations that will fundamentally change how health systems and physicians provide care.

Mayo Clinic Platform has the unique opportunity to work directly with members and effect change. Members can gain early access to Mayo Clinic Platform’s suite of products, services, and solutions in addition to the standing suite of Care Network offerings.

Currently, Mayo Clinic Platform is working to transform clinical and operational workflows at the point of care. This means clinical decision support tools at the physicians' fingertips, improved ability to diagnose diseases early, access to leading-edge AR/VR, higher site efficiency, and increased revenue.

Every day at Mayo Clinic Platform, we are exploring new ideas, enabling partners, and creating a lasting—and much-needed—change for a healthier world.