Provides Actionable Insights from Clinical Data

Imagine accessing all the data—demographics, diagnoses, lab tests, clinical notes, pathology reports—and the software you need to solve clinical challenges from one trusted partner. Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover offers all that and more.

How It Works

Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover provides access to high-quality, comprehensive, longitudinal patient data that few in the industry can offer. Discover includes massive amounts of de-identified patient data across multiple clinical specialties. With Discover, data is continuously refreshed as patients continue their health care journey and more data is added to their medical records giving you access to constantly expanding data.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover provides access to both structured and unstructured data. The breadth and depth of data provided by Discover not only increases the speed of algorithm development and/or improvement but also decreases costs.

The Technology

Mayo Clinic Platform builds a data science environment with Google Cloud tools and capabilities for each Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover customer.

Within the environment, you, as our customer, will have access to infrastructure, tools and services that can be implemented to develop statistical or machine learning models. This enables advanced cloud computing, data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence tailored for unique business objectives.

Each environment is monitored and audited to ensure no misuse of the deidentified, aggregated data. Protecting patient data is an essential component of the product and Mayo Clinic Platform has established a multi-layer re-identification defense strategy approach to guard patient privacy.  Additionally, Mayo Clinic Cloud will soon be HITRUST certified.

Explore de-identified data to build new or better algorithms.

Create analytics tools that provide insights.

Support algorithm training/modeling.

Together, let's change the future of health care.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover is ideal for telehealth companies, clinical decision support developers and medical device manufacturers.

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