Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover

Provides actionable insights from clinical data

Imagine accessing all the data—demographics, diagnoses, images, lab test results, clinical notes, pathology reports—and the software you need to solve clinical challenges from one trusted partner. Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover offers all that and more.

What is Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover?

Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover offers access to high-quality, comprehensive, longitudinal clinical data that few in the industry can provide. Discover includes massive amounts of de-identified, multisite data from urban and rural communities across Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Florida, Arizona, and more.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover provides access to both structured data, such as demographics, diagnoses, lab test results, and medications, and unstructured data, including imaging, pathology reports, clinical notes, and radiology reports.

Why Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover?

The quality of an algorithm highly depends on the diversity and quantity of data that it is trained on. With Discover, data will be incrementally refreshed as patients continue their healthcare journey and more data are added to their medical records.

For solution developers, this means access to a breadth and depth of high-quality data in a custom environment that is hard to acquire anywhere else.

For medical device companies, de-identified clinical data from Discover provides real-world evidence for a variety of needs, including post-market surveillance and regulatory submissions.

This combination of structured and unstructured data across the entire patient journey in near real time maps out an unprecedented and longitudinal view, speeding up model development and accelerating post-market surveillance.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover:

  • Uses an innovative de-identification process for data from more than 7.3M patients, including 1.3B+ images, 1.6B lab test results, 10.1M pathology reports, and 698M clinical notes.
  • Is accessed through a data science environment created exclusively for you.
  • Is protected by a multilayered re-identification defense strategy to guard patient privacy.
  • Provides data and tools for extensive use cases, including model training, regulatory clearances, and device insights.

Explore de-identified data to build new or better algorithms

Drill down to row level to gain insights

Access RWE for post-market surveillance and regulatory submissions

Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover de-identified data include:




(from 5.3M patients)


(~14 years)






(~18 years)


(~14 years)








(non-head, Axial)




(~16 years)



Frequently asked questions

Are we working with Mayo Clinic?

Mayo Clinic Platform is founded on Mayo Clinic’s commitment to putting patients first and provides a direct connection to Mayo Clinic’s knowledge, expertise, and data, creating novel ways for partners to leverage Mayo Clinic resources.

Specifically, what does Mayo Clinic Platform do?

Mayo Clinic Platform enables much-needed innovation and change in the healthcare industry. Mayo Clinic Platform partners with health systems, payers, the pharma industry, health tech startups, etc., to empower advancements in care — from drug and clinical discoveries, to accessible and personalized treatments, to streamlined healthcare operations.

How do we work with Mayo Clinic Platform?

Mayo Clinic Platform enables innovation and works with partners who are aligned with our vision for a healthier world. As our partner, you have access to large, complex, de-identified clinical data sets to help develop algorithms, identify clinical patterns, and build research opportunities, etc. under real-world conditions.

A subscription to Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover gives our partners a secure cloud environment to access de-identified clinical data, technical support, and data exploration and query tools to create AI/ML algorithms and discover insights.

We intend to do research. Is this a commercial or research partnership?

Our partners' interaction with the data may be considered research, but Mayo Clinic Platform partnership is not defined as research by regulatory bodies because the data are de-identified. The relationship between Mayo Clinic Platform and our partner is a commercial relationship.

Will we have an exclusive partnership with Mayo Clinic Platform?

Mayo Clinic Platform is focused on partner enablement. We work with partners across the industry who are focused on healthcare transformation.

Are you our partner and our competitor?

Mayo Clinic Platform focuses on helping our partners create solutions and breakthrough innovations.

As a partner, what do we have access to?

You will have access to:

  • Structured real-world data that include diagnoses, lab test results, medications, and vitals.
  • Unstructured data including clinical notes, pathology reports, radiology reports, and ECG results.

Will we have access to non-Mayo Clinic data?

Currently, we have data only from Mayo Clinic. We are developing plans to include data from multiple sources by connecting with data networks that will allow non-Mayo Clinic data sets to be accessed using a federated approach.

Can we bring our own patient data?

At this time, Mayo Clinic Platform partners can use their own tools, ontologies, and codes when working with Mayo Clinic de-identified data.

Can we create a JV or a new company? Will Mayo Clinic Platform invest in us?

Depending on the opportunity, Mayo Clinic Platform may consider investment or new company creation. Based on our experience, we recommend starting our partner relationship with a Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover subscription to gain mutual comfort with the data as well as each other’s capabilities.

Together, let's change the future of healthcare.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover is ideal for digital health companies and medical device manufacturers.