Increases credibility in AI model performance

Create trust and transparency, eliminate concerns about bias and accuracy, enhance credibility, and ensure fit for purpose in AI models with Mayo Clinic Platform_Validate.

What is Mayo Clinic Platform_Validate?

Validate is the first and only product in the industry that provides a bias, specificity, and sensitivity report for AI models. With Validate, developers can ensure their model is accurate and unbiased, and clinicians can trust that the models were evaluated by an independent third-party source, accelerating adoption into clinical practice.

Validate is a one-of-a-kind product that evaluates your model for accuracy, efficacy, and its susceptibility to bias.

Validate measures model sensitivity, specificity, and bias, which can help close racial, gender, and socioeconomic gaps in the delivery of care.

Validate allows you to test any algorithm against extensive data sets from more than 10M patients.

Validate can assess your model's fit for purpose against multisite data from urban and rural communities across Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Florida, Arizona, and more.

Why Mayo Clinic Platform_Validate?

Evaluates and certifies quality and accuracy of AI models
Mayo Clinic Platform_Validate provides an objective report that reassures you and your customers that your AI model is effective, accurate, and free of bias.

Offers credibility and confidence
By testing your model against deep, rich, high-quality data sets that include hundreds of petabytes of de-identified patient data from Mayo Clinic and partners across the country, Validate provides credibility in model performance that no other product can offer.

Preserves privacy and IP
Using highly secure methods in a protected environment, Validate ensures your intellectual property is safeguarded throughout the validation process.

The Mayo Clinic Platform_Validate report lends credibility to AI models. It also accelerates adoption into clinical practice.

Here is a sample Mayo Clinic Platform_Validate report:

Frequently asked questions

What are some specific product features and capabilities of Validate?

Along with model onboarding, data preparation, and model execution, Validate also features capabilities such as output interpretation, report generation, and consultative services.

How long does it take to implement and run Validate?

Implementation timeline is dependent on several variables, but most models can run Validate quickly. The bulk of time will be spent in the model-data analysis, which can take about two to three weeks. Model execution itself depends on the complexity of the model, while the post-execution analysis and report generation are completely automated.

What work is required from me to utilize Validate?

The work is primarily done by Mayo Clinic Platform; there are some onboarding questions you will have to answer as well as provide packaging for your model.

Can I publicize my model’s scores?

Yes, you will be able to work with Mayo Clinic Platform to publicize your model and scores.

Are industry standards available?

Mayo Clinic Platform_Validate is at the forefront of innovation in defining best practices to ensure credibility while reducing bias in AI model performance. In addition, Mayo Clinic Platform is partnering with industry-leading organizations to set standards and reporting for models as part of the Coalition for Health AI.

Who can I contact to get more information?

For more information, please contact the Mayo Clinic Platform sales team at

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