When de-identified clinical data are shared securely among healthcare providers, innovators, and researchers, it increases the possibilities of better care and better patient outcomes. Mayo Clinic Platform_Connect makes better care a reality.

What is Mayo Clinic Platform_Connect?

Mayo Clinic Platform_Connect is a distributed data network program that partners with health systems, payers, medical device companies, and academic medical centers to enable better ways to diagnose, treat, and even prevent disease. In this program, clinical data are connected in a federated, secure architecture to drive innovation in healthcare.

Each partner that is part of Mayo Clinic Platform_Connect is committed to transforming care with a network of connected data. They bring unmatched depth and breadth of clean, curated, de-identified data related to complex and rare health conditions; a wide range of treatments and therapies; and representation from diverse communities in urban and rural settings.

Program details

With a globally connected data network, the possibilities are endless. Mayo Clinic Platform_Connect links de-identified clinical data which will help create a more efficient system for diagnosis and treatment. It enables clinicians to deliver better patient care by learning from the data of past patients to guide the care journeys of patients in the future. Data from geographically and ethnically diverse patient populations will help create more tailored medicine, healthcare products, services, and solutions. That’s not all—large amounts of data will give scientists a wealth of information for research, including for rare, serious, and complex diseases.

Our partners

Mayo Clinic Platform_Connect now includes eight of the world’s top health systems across three continents:

  • Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Brazil
  • Mayo Clinic, USA
  • Mercy, USA
  • Seoul National University Hospital, South Korea
  • Sheba Medical Center, Israel
  • SingHealth, Singapore
  • UC Davis Health, USA
  • University Health Network (UHN), Canada

Partnership outcomes

Improved clinical decision making

Utilizing data-driven discovery and translation, health systems can make clinical decisions faster and more accurately.

Advanced healthcare solutions

With increased access to diversified data sets, innovators can create better solutions that serve all populations, including those that are traditionally underserved.

Expanded expert knowledge

By establishing a global network of connected data, clinicians will have expanded access to the knowledge of other experts, specialists, and researchers.

Privacy and security

Mayo Clinic Platform leads the charge in data privacy and security. We neither own nor want to own the data of our partners. As a result, de-identified clinical data from each partner in Mayo Clinic Platform_Connect never leave the partner’s local environment, ensuring data are safe and secure.

All Connect partners operate within Mayo Clinic Platform’s Data Behind Glass model. Data Behind Glass is a proprietary system of technical and administrative controls to ensure privacy and confidentiality are respected and preserved across the distributed data network.

Data Behind Glass ensures:

  • All data is de-identified and Mayo Clinic Platform customers do not see or interact with identifiable data at any point
  • A secure, federated architecture where data and intellectual property remain under the control of each individual Connect partner

Interested in joining Mayo Clinic Platform_Connect?