Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover: Actionable Insights from Clinical Data

Technologies like AI have the potential to completely transform how patient care is delivered. Whether it be to diagnose a disease, help with physician burnout, or develop a more accurate appointment scheduling tool, the possibilities seem limitless.

For all of this to be possible, AI developers must access large amounts of health care data to build models that identify patterns and provide insights not detectable by humans. It goes without saying that it’s not just the quantity that counts, it’s the quality of the data, too.

So, what can high-quality data of 10 million patients of complex and rare diseases, de-identified, and in one comprehensive location do for AI innovators? Simply put— a lot.

This data— of 10 million patients— is what Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover offers. It includes data from multiple clinical specialties, structured data such as lab tests, diagnoses, and medications, as well as unstructured data like clinical notes and pathology and radiology reports.

We know that health care data is scattered, expensive, stored in multiple data formats, and slows down innovation. Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover solves these pressing problems by providing breadth and exceptional depth of data all in one place.

Emily Wampfler, senior director at Mayo Clinic Platform and product manager for Discover says, "Think about it: Discover has 1.8 million echocardiograms— the largest collection available for AI developers in the world— 520 million clinical notes, and 1.1 billion lab test results. We are the industry leader."

With access to one of the richest clinical data sets in the world, Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover drives the creation of new technologies and solutions across the health care industry.

Our focus is on creating a healthier world, in a responsible and ethical manner, which is why patient data privacy is at the center of everything we do. Mayo Clinic Platform has established a multi-layer, re-identification defense strategy to guard patient privacy.

How Mayo Clinic Platform is revolutionizing health care

There is no doubt that there are plenty of problems to solve in health care today. From rising costs of care, physician burnout, post-COVID “new normal”, accessibility of quality care in remote geographies and among minorities… the list goes on.

Our goal as an industry-leading health care platform is to work with customers who align with Mayo Clinic’s “patient first” philosophy.

Last year, Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover partnered with a digital health company who developed AI-driven algorithms and products that predict likely diagnoses and suggest optimal treatment paths for patients.

Another leading global medical device company will leverage Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover as part of their evidence generation process to support regulatory submissions. This is critically important because the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) sets strict standards for products that are sold in EU countries.

Today, companies spend tens of millions of dollars in European regulatory initiative-related costs, and the number continues to grow. In the future, 44% of medical device companies expect additional costs associated with MDR to be higher than 5% of their revenues. Discover includes clinical phenotypes and outcomes to support the claims of medical devices and, by providing access to real-world evidence and longitudinal clinical data, Discover can streamline the process for medical device regulatory submissions. 

Another industry that finds Discover essential to its success is the pharma industry. It’s no secret that drug discovery takes years and years, and physical testing of a new drug is a long and iterative process. With Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover, researchers can use its rich, historical data for predictive modeling to analyze reactions to and interactions of the new drug and get accurate predictions. 

High-quality data from Discover can also be used for patient profiling to develop more accurate models for clinical trials. Better clinical results for regulatory purposes means a faster drug launch.

Mayo Clinic Platform is committed to transforming and enhancing patient care, and Mayo Clinic Platform _Discover is a catalyst for that change.

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