Mayo Clinic Platform Conference: A Window into the Future of Care  

Mayo Clinic Platform hosted its first conference on July 26-27 in Rochester, Minnesota.

The conference brought together 200 leaders from government, academia, and industry to discuss new technologies, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge concepts to change how care is provided.

"This is a unique opportunity to move the industry forward by bringing together those who have great, innovative ideas and risk-taking with those who are making policy," said President of Mayo Clinic Platform, John Halamka, M.D., M.S. “I really look forward to it.”

Dr. Halamka kicked off the conference with a welcome address, where he touched on the immense possibilities of the future of health care.

"We're here to start a movement,” he said. “It's up to us.”

The event featured a keynote address from President and CEO of Mayo Clinic, Gianrico Farrugia, M.D., in which he spoke about the imperative to change health care from within.

"As we move forward with our vision for a platform model of health care, it will require us to both collaborate and innovate as never before, and together achieve outcomes for our patients that were previously unimaginable," Dr. Farrugia said.

"We are at a point where, right now, tools and insights developed by Mayo Clinic Platform can be deployed as embedded solutions, combined with data collaboration, to take the transformative power of platform-based health care into clinics and hospitals across the country and the world.”

Other headliners from Mayo Clinic Platform Conference included Atul Butte, M.D., Chief Data Scientist, University of California Health System; Aashima Gupta, Director of Global Healthcare Solutions, Google; Michael Howell, M.D., Chief Clinical Officer, Google; and Micky Tripathi, Ph.D., M.P.P., National Coordinator Health Information Technology, Department of Health and Human Services.

There were multiple breakout sessions with expert panelists from Mayo Clinic, industry, government, academia, Mayo Clinic Platform partners, and members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network with a wide range of diverse topics

  • Exploring clinical trials
  • Social determinants of health
  • Technology driving complex care at home
  • AI adoption for clinical practices
  • Taking telemedicine into the future

The conference ended with inspiring closing words from Dr. Halamka: “We believe if we share our experiences, we will all succeed faster.”

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