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By John Halamka and Paul Cerrato — A closer look at the latest FDA list of approved AI-enabled devices suggests these digital tools are poised to have a significant impact on patient care.

By John Halamka • May 26, 2024

By John Halamka and Paul Cerrato — Several innovators have created algorithms to predict and manage this life-threatening complication.

By John Halamka • May 2, 2024

By John Halamka and Paul Cerrato — Regulators who put too many restrictions on the technology can slow down innovation, but if they set up guardrails that aren’t strict enough, they needlessly endanger patients’ lives.

By John Halamka • April 17, 2024

By John Halamka and Paul Cerrato — The latest research suggests that these digital tools will eventually become useful medical assistants, but we still need to watch for unpredictable fabrications and misstatements.

By John Halamka • March 25, 2024

By Paul Cerrato and John Halamka — In our efforts to encourage prevention and wellness, we often advise patients to exercise, eat better, and manage their stress. Let’s not overlook the importance of a strong social network.

By John Halamka • February 27, 2024

By John Halamka and Paul Cerrato — Some technologists worry that the latest AI systems have the potential to outsmart their makers and enslave humanity. They’re ignoring more realistic technological concerns that challenge the healthcare community.

By John Halamka • February 14, 2024

By John Halamka and Paul Cerrato — With so many developers launching AI algorithms, end users worry that they may be investing in useless—or harmful—technology. Academic medical centers, technology companies, and federal agencies have joined forces to address the challenge.

By John Halamka • January 22, 2024

By John Halamka and Paul Cerrato — Computers can’t hold a candle to a 10-year-old’s mastery of human language. But despite their shortcomings, they continue to surprise us with their ability to mimic the way we communicate.

By John Halamka • January 9, 2024

By John Halamka and Paul Cerrato — The term knowledge graph may not be part of your everyday vocabulary, but if you are interested in digital health, it’s worth taking a closer look.

By John Halamka • December 21, 2023

By John Halamka and Paul Cerrato — No sensible clinician would ever allow a large language model to replace them at the bedside, but those who want to use these digital tools to supplement their decision making might benefit from prompt engineering.

By John Halamka • December 12, 2023