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As we plan our go-lives for the Mayo Clinic Platform, we recently discussed how best to measure what constitutes a go-live. First, let's review what[...]

By John Halamka • March 7, 2020

Platform businesses require technology that promotes interoperability and scalability.  For those who live in platform companies day-to-day, my thinking below may sound obvious, but for[...]

By John Halamka • February 25, 2020

Last weekend I moderated an amazing group of presenters for Harvard Business School's 17th Annual Healthcare Conference, debating the future of elder care throughout the[...]

By John Halamka • February 14, 2020

Over the past 40 years I've worked in a variety of workplace settings, each appropriately serving its intended purpose. I did not appreciate how much[...]

By John Halamka • February 4, 2020

This is the first of a two part series that describes where I live and where I work at Mayo Clinic. To me, life and[...]

By John Halamka • February 4, 2020

I recently told several of my Mayo colleagues that I'm an outsider who has landed in a new environment where the degree of collaboration, dialog,[...]

By John Halamka • January 30, 2020

Recently, my colleague Steve Peters, chief medical information officer, Mayo Clinic, and I discussed our life experiences as CMIOs. We talked about how the role[...]

By John Halamka • January 22, 2020

Last week at JP Morgan, Mayo Clinic announced a new collaboration with nference that I would describe as "Cloud-hosted, de-identified, federated learning in which the[...]

By John Halamka • January 21, 2020

Although I've been attending healthcare and technology conferences for more than 40 years (yes, I attended Comdex in 1979), but until this week had never[...]

By John Halamka • January 16, 2020

One of our Mayo Clinic Platform team, Emily Wampfler, recently forwarded me an overview of MIT's Platform conferenceRead the Barclay's piece.   It notes that 55,000[...]

By John Halamka • January 10, 2020